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Nina graduated Corporate Marketing at Economic University in Varna, Bulgaria. She has more than 7 years of experience in the field of online services and marketing.
She has participated in several projects for both Bulgarian and foreign companies. Constantly following the latest trends in the field of SEO, Social media, online marketing and communications.
SvetlinSEO Specialist
Is the one who makes sure that all of Mind Mates’ clients enjoy the top spots on search engine result pages. Apart from his vast skills and expertise in the field of SEO, Svetlin is a talented industrial designer with a passion for creating infographics. He firmly believes that a person should never stop improving and moving forward, which correlates with what Mind Mates is all about.
Alexandra–EmilySocial Media
Has an active digital presence. Alexandra-Emily supports various worthy causes all of which aim to improve the overall quality of life or quality of perception. She paints, writes and indulges in photography. It is nearly impossible to detach her from her smartphone. Her vast know-how of the digital scene makes her a valuable asset of the Mind Mates team.
Sings and writes, sometimes at the same time. Snezhina is the one who creates the various content for Mind Mates’ clients – making sure it is fun, informative and grammatically correct both in Bulgarian and in English. Her restless nature inspires her to never stand still and always look for new ways of self-improvement.
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At the core of Mind Mates are four diverse individuals, whose varied skills compliment each other perfectly.

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