What is Online Reputation Management?

The Internet has drastically changed the ways in which we share, discuss and use information. Social medias have created a new ways of communicating and have brought about vast opportunities for business development, approach to work and interaction with clients. Your digital print has the power to construct the perception about you or your business and with that to have a direct impact on your offline activities.
Many people believe that only negative reviews and crisis situations online can have a detrimental result on a business’s reputation. However, the truth is that the lack of any information, presence or activity online can have negative consequences for a company. Who would you turn to? To the firm that has a detailed and functional website, as well as an active presence on social media? Or to the firm which has an underwhelming presence in various business catalogs and has provided a wrong contact number?
Do not underestimate the potential of a positive online reputation, as well as all that it can do to grown, develop and help you or your business.

Typical problems may include:

  • a non-functional website which has outdated or inaccurate information;
  • a website with an old and unfriendly design;
  • an abundance of negative reviews and comments on various social media platforms and forums pertaining to the services and practices of the business;
  • underdeveloped or non-existent presence on social media;
  • a small number of followers through the various social media platforms;
  • limited traffic to the individual or business’s website;
  • the website comes up at the back of search engine result pages.

What can Mind Mates offer you?

Online reputation management incorporates several services, which work together to fully transform or improve a particular reputation.

We can:

  • create a fully functional website with a stylish design to meet the needs and aspirations of the particular business or individual;
  • create detailed, interesting and informative content for the website;
  • create an appropriate and proactive social media strategy;
  • regularly upkeep social media channels;
  • optimize the website;
  • provide a variety of SEO services which will drive more traffic to relevant pages and profile which in turn will improve your visibility online;
  • maintain a company’s blog with regular, original and quality content;
  • regularly create and post positive content which will push negative comments and articles to the back of search engine result pages;
  • create a marketing strategy aimed at encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews.