What is paid advertising?

Paid advertising is a source for traffic of users which requires you to pay. Social media and search engine optimization are other forms of traffic sources. There are various types of paid advertising which companies or individuals can use for their purposes. For example, pay per click advertising in search engines, banner ads, video ads, map ads, internal ads.

Typical problems may include:

  • lack of steady targeted traffic to your online content;
  • an SEO strategy that is slow to bear fruit and is thus not bringing you the traffic you require;
  • social media channels which are not engaging with your target audience;

How can paid advertising help you and your business?

Traffic is vital for any business looking to sustain their online presence and use the digital realm to expand their business. It doesn’t matter how spectacular your idea might be or how functional your website is – if no one sees it, it might as well not exist.
Paid advertising is a great way of quickly getting traffic if search engine optimization is taking too much time or your social media channels are not able to target the correct audience.
Different types of paid advertising if used correctly can help with improving brand awareness, leading customers to very specific parts of your website, targeting beyond just keywords, and expose your products to an audience of millions.

What can Mind Mates offer you?

Cost Per Click(CPC)/Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising – Adwords, Facebook. Linkedin, Twitter. Youtube, ect. – one of the quickest ways to boost traffic to your website – targeted clicks that reach the right audience at the right tim.

We can:

  • PR Materials – in relevant websites and premium websites ;
  • Banner/text link/ads – in relevant websites and premium websites;