What is Social Media Management?

Social networks are online services that can be used through websites or mobile applications. Social networks are designed to facilitate the social contact between people, and to provide innovative ways of communicating, as well as sharing information and entertainment.

Typical problems may include:

  • a lack of any presence on the main social media channels;
  • limited followers and activity on the existing social media channels;
  • use of social media networks which are not appropriate for the target audience;
  • lack of proper understanding of who your target audience;
  • posting of inappropriate content on social media;
  • lack of knowledge on how to best engage with audience;
  • not having the resources to dedicate sufficient time to developing your social media presence;
  • no links between website and social media channels.

How can social media management help you and your business?

Social networks have the incredible capacity to spread information that can reach multiple users within minutes. With the right social media approach a company can promote its products and services to specifically targeted audiences.
Social networks allow companies to show their personal side, to step from behind the shadow of promotions and to directly communicate with their customers.
Social networks provide a space for creativity, innovation and fun in communicating with online audiences, and thus greatly support the development of a company’s online reputation and visibility.

What can Mind Mates offer you?

We can:

  • research of what are the most appropriate channels for you and your business;
  • research of habits, time and duration of social media use of your online audience;
  • creation of social media profiles based on the information gathered from the previously conducted research;
  • regular upkeep of social media profiles, which includes branding of the profiles, optimization of posts with relevant keywords for better online visibility, and creation of regular quality content;
  • linking of your social media channels with your website.