What is Web Design?

Web design is about arranging the various elements of a website in order for it to look and function in a certain way, as well as to be accessible via a web browser. These elements include hypertext (links), computer graphics, computer animation and sound. A full website is built from a number of web pages that are related to each other and are organized by internal references.

Typical problems may include:

  • a non-functional website, which is difficult to navigate due to front-end poor development;
  • an outdated and unappealing design;
  • the website is non-responsive and thus is difficult to navigate on mobile devices or tablets;
  • empty or broken links throughout the website;
  • the website loads slowly.

How can website design help you and your business?

A stylish, functional and easy to navigate site will successfully hold your visitors’ attention. We all know how frustrating it is to wander through a confusing website and not be able to find what you are looking for. Also, we all know how nice and easy it is to use a well-constructed website, which has functionalities created to facilitate the search for information or the purchase of certain goods.
Stylish, well-designed and easy-to-use site is a mandatory component of the online presence of any contemporary company.

What can Mind Mates offer you?

Creating a Web Site and Design

We can:

  • installation of a system selected by the client (WordPress);
  • installation of additional modules to meet the design;
  • setting of the system according to the client’s needs (names, additional pages , headings);
  • adjustment of the additional modules (galleries, contacts, optimization, URL paths, view, frontend and backend);
  • shaping the design to the requirements of the client (headers, colors, pictures, banners, etc.);
  • pouring information into the system (articles, news, information about customers, products, pictures);
  • inspection and testing of the system through different programs for opening web pages.