What is website development?

To put it simply, website development is the part of constructing a website which does not relate to design, such as coding and writing markup. Website development can be used to create something as basic as a static page of plain text or something complex like Internet applications, social networks and electronic businesses. While web design is the customer-facing side of the website, web development is all about what happens behind the scenes.

Typical problems may include:

  • a website that is not functional and thus hampers sales and user engagement;;
  • a website that is difficult to optimize;
  • a website that is difficult to navigate and tends to often break down;
  • a website that has an unappealing design and difficult to read and follow content.

How can website development help you and your business?

Web development allows for the creation of a highly functional website which will allow you to interact with clients in interesting and engaging ways. An easy to navigate website, which enjoys an easy-to-follow structure and flow is more appealing to customers and boosts their engagement. Website with quality web development will help for better search engine optimization practices and results. A website with good web development is likely to save you money down the road as it would be easy to maintain and upgrade.

What can Mind Mates offer you?

We can:

  • Beginners Package;
  • Standard Package;
  • Advanced Package;
  • Full development of a website using WordPress or Joomla CMS;
  • Custom WordPress/ Joomla Support depending on client requirements;
  • Integrating PHP for custom functionalities of the website and work with database;
  • Custom animations using JavaScript and jQuery.